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Recent News

January 28 2020:
Facebook PhD Fellowship
Yannis Chronis was selected as one of the recipients of the Facebook PhD Fellowship 2020 for the North America Region. Congratulations, Yannis!
August 26 2019:
UW-Madison@VLDB 2019
Zhiwei Fan will talk about RecStep, a new engine that allows to execute datalog on top of RDBMS.
June 24 2019:
UW-Madison@SIGMOD 2019
Check out our presence at SIGMOD 2019 in Amsterdam where we will be presenting 5 papers and 1 demo.
August 26 2018:
UW-Madison@VLDB 2018
Harshad Deshmukh will represent the QuickStep group for their main paper and Yash Govind will present a demo on large scale entity matching over cloud. Prof. Theo will present a tutorial on Data Integration and Machine Learning with Luna Dong from Amazon.
June 9 2018:
UW-Madison@SIGMOD 2018
Bruhathi will present her work on AQP using cohash partitioning@BeyondMR. Sidharth Mudgal will talk about applyting deep learning to entity matching and Shaleen will present his work on Compressed Representations at PODS, 2018. AnHai Doan will give an overview about future of entity matching at HILDA. Prof. Theo and Prof. Paris willpresent tutorials on Data Integration and Machine Learning and Algorithmic Aspects of Parallel Query Processing respectively.
April 5 2018:
Google PhD Fellowship
Lingjiao Chen was selected as one of the recipients of the Google PhD Fellowship 2018 for the North America Region. Congratulations, Lingjiao!
April 5 2018:
HoloClean Project
HoloClean project driven by Prof. Theo in collaboration with people from University of Waterloo open sourced the code for Holoclean, a statistical inference engine to clean and enhance data. Check out for more details!
February 12 2018:
Amazon Research Award
Prof. Theo Rekatsinas has been announced as recipient of Amazon Research Award for "Statistical Learning and Probabilistic Inference Methods for Interactive Data Cleaning"
February 9 2018:
IEEE Fellows
Prof. Jignesh Patel (faculty at UW-Madison DB Group) and Prof. Anastasia Ailamaki (UW-Madison PhD, 2000) were recognized as IEEE Fellows for their extraordinary contributions to area of databases
August 25 2017:
UW-Madison@VLDB 2017
Navneet Potti will talk about Robust Query plans for in-memory databases, Lingjiao Chen will present work on accelerating linear algebra over normalized data and Shaleen Deep will present demo on Query Pricing at VLDB, 2017 in Munich. Additionally, database group alumni Avrilia will talk about developing self healing system developed at Microsoft called Dhalion
July 7 2017:
Best Paper Award@IEEE BigData Congress
Harshad Deshmukh and Hakan Memisoglu won the Best Student Paper award at BigData Congress, 2017 for their work on designing adaptive query schedulers for a modern database system capable of performing resourcing allocation as per defined policies such as fair or priroty based.
May 4 2017:
Theo joins DB@UW-Madison
Theodoros Rekatsinas will be joining University of Wisconsin-Madison as an Assistant Professor starting this fall.
April 14 2017:
UW-Madison@SIGMOD 2017
Paul Suganathan will talk about FALCON, Xi Wu will discuss latest work on differential privacy in databases, Shaleen Deep would present work on scalable query-pricing and Lingjiao Chen will show his work on ML-Based pricing and talk at the SRC.